Breakthrough technology for positioning and behaviour monitoring

Even in tough environments, Omnisense provides accurate positioning in which people and assets know where they are relative to each other in real-time. Our collaborative intelligent sensor network is completely wire free, making it quick and easy to install.



Site Logistics, Yard Management,  Safety, Maritime, Mining, Construction, Fleet Management, Worker Proximity.

Dairy cow monitoring (oestrus, well-being, lameness), Animal Husbandry, Environmental Monitoring.

Firefighters, First Responders, Police, Prisons, Incident Management, Event Management and Security.

Dementia Care, Post-operative Care, Sports and Fitness Training, Careworker Protection, Athlete Tracking, Sport.

Soldier Training, GPS-denied Situations, Situational Awareness, Blue force Tracking.

Introductory Video

Omnisense has developed a revolutionary Real Time Locating System which can accurately (1 metre or better under good conditions) track and locate people, animals and physical assets without the need for expensive pre-installed infrastructure.

Based on industry standard 2.4GHz wireless sensor network (WSN) technology, the nodes form a mesh network.

By measuring time-of-arrival (TOA) of radio signals exchanged between neighbours the sophisticated Omnisense Joint Timing and Location Engine computes their positions.

The patented cluster positioning techniques offer significant advantages over traditional approaches:

● Low cost and easy installation (expensive fixed infrastructure not required)

● Real-time positioning with high accuracy

● Full positioning capability including orientation, direction and motion characterisation

● Support for large networks and high position update rates

● Works indoors and outdoors

● Complementary to GPS or works in conjunction with GPS to extend coverage

Outputs are delivered to third-party applications over TCP/IP using industry standard internet protocols. The Omnisense Collector handles preprocessing of the data stream and delivers contextually relevant information: whether position, direction, zone, change of state, fall detected, telemetry data or other information.

April 2013

Essentials of Positioning and Location Technology

Required reference by Omnisense CTO David Bartlett, published by Cambridge University Press

Essentials of Positioning and Location Technology, by David Bartlett
  • Dec 2015: Cooperation with Nanotron

    Press release announcing a fresh cooperation between Omnisense and Nanotron. First solutions from the joint initiative will be presented at Embedded World 2016 in Nuremberg, Germany from February 23-25.


  • Jun 2015: Agri-Tech Growth Initiative Award

    Omnisense has been awarded funding of £60,000 to carry out cutting edge research via The Eastern Agri-Tech Growth Initiative. The grant award will be used to make it simple for non-expert installers to set up Omnisense's sophisticated position and behaviour monitoring system. For more information refer to the official press release and associated Business Weekly article.

  • Jun 2015 ISP42 talk - Where is my Thing?

    Joining keynote speakers from Arm and Flexeye at the 42nd Intelligent Sensing Programme (ISP42) KTN Event in London, Omnisense CTO David Bartlett called for an ontology for Location. More than simple 'x' and 'y' coordinates, location needs to be described in terms of height, velocity, orientation and time, provided with a quantifiable measure of trust. Working with the Hypercat consortium and InnovateUK, Omnisense is leading the drive towards a common description of location within a secure and interoperable Internet of Things (IoT) for Industry.

  • Mar 2015: Radios that can Locate New Paper

    The future of ubiquitous indoor positioning needs to progress beyond basic RSSI proximity measurements. For real scale the use of Time of Arrival (ToA) will be required. Industry has steered away from ToA, largely because it is complex and difficult to do well, but the Omnisense JTLE is changing this. All that is needed now is a richer eco-system of radios and radio chips, and our White Paper explains how.

  • Oct 2014: IoT in Construction (IUK award)

    Omnisense is to lead a consortium with partners 1248 and 3Squared following success in an InnovateUK R&D competition for location based services. Promoting IoT and BIM best practice the £584k project will provide Construction site managers with information that improves operational efficiency, resource utilisation and worker Health & Safety during projects.

  • Apr 2013: Essentials of Positioning

    Cambridge University Press (CUP) publishes “Essentials of Positioning and Location Technology”, authored by Omnisense CTO



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