Site Logistics, Yard Management,  Safety, Maritime, Mining, Construction, Fleet Management, Worker Proximity.

Dairy cow monitoring (oestrus, well-being, lameness), Animal Husbandry, Environmental Monitoring.

Firefighters, First Responders, Police, Prisons, Incident Management, Event Management and Security.

Dementia Care, Post-operative Care, Sports and Fitness Training, Care Worker Protection, Athlete Tracking, Sport.

Soldier Training, GPS-denied Situations, Situational Awareness, Blue force Tracking, Operational analysis


Omnisense provides state-of-the-art high accuracy (20cm) 3D locating and tracking solutions making it easier to manage assets - people, equipment, materials or animals - through knowledge of location, position and behaviour whether indoors or outdoors.

Our patent protected Joint Timing and Location Engine (JTLE) delivers high quality location information to your applications using industry standard IP protocols and APIs.

We solve the difficult problem of turning physical measurements made by devices into easy to  understand location information:

  • Device developers can focus on designing better devices for their customers;
  • Application developers can focus on building better applications that leverage the power of location information.

We make localisation easy for both.

Our whereBox Location appliance delivers localisation information to end user applications using industry standard IP protocols such as HTTP, REST, JSON, GeoJson and MQTT.

Clearly defined ontologies and the ability to access data as real-time streams, on demand or historically gives applications unprecedented flexibility for dealing with rich 3D location data including velocity (speed and direction) and device orientation.

The Omnisense JTLE makes use of all available measurements from devices. By combining inertial sensor data (INS) with time-of-arrival (TOA) of radio signals (UWB, chirp and others), GPS when available, time-of-flight (ToF), Bluetooth Smart (BLE) and other measurements the sophisticated Omnisense Joint Timing and Location Engine takes positioning to a new level of performance.

By exploiting the JTLE and Omnisense clustering algorithms positioning and tracking systems can be deployed more economically than conventional reader-based systems:

● Low cost - expensive readers or access points are eliminated and all devices, whether fixed or mobile, may be low cost wireless devices;

● Flexible - Everything can be configured and managed using the whereBox;

● Secure end-to-end from devices to cloud, including authentication and access controls;

● All positioning data is recorded and managed and is accessible to authorised applications;

● Works with Omnisense S500 cluster location devices and Nanotron Swarm bee, both indoors and outdoors.



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